Muslims Celebrate Maulid In Mombasa County

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By Tobby Otum

Muslims in Mombasa joined their counterparts from around the world to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad, Maulid Un Nabii.

Led by several Muslim scholars, teachers and politicians including county governor Abdulswamad Nassir, thousands of Muslim faithful held a special procession (zefe) within the city centre and at different mosques.

Speaking during the celebrations, Governor Nassir called on the Muslim community to remain united and avoid divisions.

“We might have small differences but our unity is our strength; let us focus on what brings us together as brothers and sisters and follow the teachings of our holy prophet Mohammed,” said Nassir.

His sentiments were echoed by Mvita MP Mohammed Machele who insisted on tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

“We might be from different sects but we are all Muslims and that is the most important thing. So we should learn to live together as one and avoid divisions. Let us accommodate each other,” said machele.

On his part Mombasa businessman Sabir Tahir Sheikh lauded the Muslim community for coming together to mark the important day in the Islamic calendar.

Tahir, who also held a similar celebration at the famous TSS mosque constructed by his late father tycoon Tahir Sheikh Said (TSS), said he will continue his late father’s legacy.

“My late father started hosting this celebration at this mosque from 1998 and he used to invite faithful from as far as Makindu, Kilifi and Kwale. The celebrations stopped for two years because of the covid-19 pandemic but we have now resumed and we will continue with this culture,” he said.

Maulid is characterised by Quranic recitation and exhortations by Muslim scholars for Muslims to remain steadfast and uphold the virtues of Islam as practiced by the Holy Prophet.

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday provides a unique opportunity for Muslims to foster unity, love and understanding and to address the myriad of problems facing them.

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