Hands on Skills for Nile Special School

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By John Kariuki

With the government underscoring the importance of TVETs, one individual has taken up the responsibility to train people the hands on skills that can enable one improve their living standards.

Director of Jamii Products Mr Kimani is a household name. He specialises in manufacture of paper products especially the eco friendly khaki papers.

He on Monday organised a sensitisation workshop in Nile Road special school in Nairobi.

“The importance of this training is to equip people with hands on skills by showing them how they can make money from paper the way I do. Furthermore the Paper we are promoting is the biodegradable type – the one that decomposes and so it doesn’t pose any threat to the environment.”

He at the same time called upon the government to support small start ups which play an important role in economic growth.

“These special children here at Nile Special School are very active when they concentrate to do something. This is why I’ve hived off four to five days to teach the pupils and the teachers this hands on course that can be replicated elsewhere,” Mr Kimani added

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