Certified Homes Steps Up Drive Towards Affordable Housing

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By John Kariuki

With the government keen on delivering affordable houses to Kenyans in a bid to bridge the existing gap, private players have come on board to work in synergy with the government in a bid to realise that dream

One such player is Certified Homes, an award winning real estate developer which has trained it’s guns on delivery of pocket friendly projects.

The Times Digital spoke to the General Manager, Anita Stanley.

Anita Stanley, General Manager, Certified Homes

“At Certified Homes we are trying to do things differently. Cognizant to the to fact that a majority of Kenyans are in the low and middle income bracket, we have tailored projects to suit each category. In light of this we have plots going for as little as 99,000. This is geared towards making sure every Kenyan can become a home owner.”

Anita however notes that this journey has not been without its fair share of challenges.

“The greatest challenge we can cite is the ever increasing cost of building materials which in turn is pushing prices of our complete projects. But to mitigate this we have embraced the off plan model where our clients can start paying for their houses in instalments whilst enjoying the advantages of flexibility and participating in the final outlook of their houses.”

Anita also implored upon the government to try and lower some of the exorbitant taxes which have overburdened the already worn out Kenyan. She also called upon the government to bring incentives to make it easier for enterprises to thrive.

Certified homes prides itself with a wide array of accolades chief among them being recognition for being the Best Affordable Housing Developer this year.

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