Youngest MCA Rolls Up Sleeves Ready to Serve

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By John Kariuki

It’s now undoubted and official that Honorable Anthony Maragû is the officially declared youngest member of county assembly in Nairobi.

The young chirp, Brilliant, tactful, and with unmatched eloquence, the founder of Kizazi Youth Movement was officially declared so by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja during the inaugural House opening.
He alluded this in a forum at a Nairobi Hotel where he also pledged to do his best to steer the youth agenda forward.

“We had started to put resources for young people as Kizazi Youth Movement constraints of resources notwithstanding. We were able to support two – myself and one other. We started by purchasing Public Address equipment, we bought a vehicle and we used to move across identified areas to help them.. coming together as young people you can do so much.”

Unfortunately politics is quite unforgiving but if many of us can come together we can change the narrative. I leading a caucus of youthful MCAs in Nairobi and push the agenda through lobbying so that it can pass as law.

“I thank the Almighty God and the people of Karen for entrusting me with service for the next five years as their MCA I thank Governor Sakaja Johnson for the recognition during his speech as he opened the 3rd Nairobi County Assembly, as the youngest MCA in Nairobi a in the city assembly. To this I thank the great people of Karen for the honour to serve as their MCA. I will be in the forefront to champion the youth agenda both at the County government level and in other quarters as duty may require. #YouthAmbassadors .”

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