Agents Say No to Blanket Condemnation

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By John Kariuki

Recruitment agencies in the country have expressed concern over the blanket condemnation linking them to allegations of mistreatment of migrant workers in Gulf Countries.

According to The Director of Samoline Recruitment Agencies Madam Josephine Muriuki, it’s unfortunate that the relevant authorities have been pointing an accusing finger to all recruitment firms instead of weeding out the errant ones.

“I personally have been in this business for a decade now. My track record is clean for everyone to see because I don’t do anything in the dark. It’s therefore wrong for all of us to be grouped together and condemned,” Josephine noted.

Josephine who doubles up as the National Chair, Domestic added that the output and contribution of recruitment agencies to the Exchequer far outweigh the shortcomings.

“We for example pay passport clearance fees to the ministry of immigration for hundreds of thousands of girls seeking greener pastures abroad. In the same vein, the passports are delivered through the Post Office thereby reviving the almost moribund outfit.”

Josephine was also quick to urge the government of Kenya to pull up its socks and get a more pragmatic approach in a bid to resolve the melee.

“It’s disheartening to learn that there’s only one labor attaché in the entire Saudi Arabia yet it’s a magnanimous country the size of all East Africa Member States combined. The attaché cannot honestly traverse the vast country. The government through the ministry of immigration is supposed to increase the number of attachés in the Gulf Countries. Also it’s also imperative to evaluate all the agencies and Recruitment firms from time to time in a bid to see whether they are strictly following the rules and regulations to the letter.

“We are a contributor to this Economy and we mean well for our beloved Country. We have created thousands of jobs directly and indirectly over and above the Foreign Direct Investment that our migrant workers channel back home. So, all we urge the government is to support us in this business.,” she concluded.

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