Brickmann Eases Access To credit for property owners

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By John Kariuki

Real estate developer Brickmann properties has taken the unprecedented step to make access to credit less cumbersome.

In a lucrative plan, the developer has entered into partnership with financial institutions like Cooperative Bank and Equity Bank to extend financial services to people who would like to own property. This was alluded to by the chief executive officer of Brickmann properties Vincent Njenga

Brickmann is a household name that specialises in affordable plots in the areas of Juja Farm and Joska. The company also used to construct houses for it’s clients.

Vincent Njenga is the Chief Executive Officer of Brickmann properties.

“We are in full support of His Excellency President Dr William Ruto bottom up economic model which stipulates economic growth from the lowly upwards as opposed to the trickle down effect.

As Brickmann we have provided a solution that sees to it that even the low and middle income earners can become property owners,” Vincent said.

Mr Vincent also advised Kenyans to always observe due diligence before purchasing a piece of land or plot.

“The first step is a sight visit. Once you go there, make sure the observe the land in question. Check out for the beacons.

The second and most paramount is the search. It’s regrettable that most Kenyans ignore this crucial step and end up complaining later. Make sure you are in possession of the green card of that land that stipulates the transfer of land ownership.”

Mr Vincent added that they only deal with legit land whose documents are genuine.

He called upon the government to create an ease of doing business environment in a bid to spur economic growth.

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