Hanns Seidel Foundation on Raising Youths Voices

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By John Kariuki

A non governmental organisation has launched an app dubbed Badilico Digital platform that aims at empowering youths to actively participate in the democratic space.

Launched at the Kempinski Hotel, the Badilico App will see to it that youth voice is amplified and therefore take part in the steering of democracy and governance.

Here’s Mr Ngatia Muhoya alluding more on this app.

“Today we are here for a validation workshop and we are launching an immersive technology that seeks to bridge the information gap between youths and decision makers through public participation and active engagement.

Our technology leverages on game development which has branching narrative and therefore is an ongoing concern it’s not something that is going to be popular in politics.

We hope to cure the problem of youth apathy in the country because through a research, only half of the youths turned up for voting and that’s why we invented Badilico. We need to be involved more in our country’s affairs.

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