Mombasa County Grappling With Bloated Wage Bill

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By Tobby Otum

The new Mombasa county administration is faced with a bloated wage bill inherited from the previous administration under Hassan Ali Joho.

New Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Nassir has inherited a wage bill which makes it near impossible to facilitate development.

He pointed out that the situation has given them little space to implement promises he had made to the electorate during the campaign period.    

‘’As a county government, we have to find innovative ways out of this quagmire we have found ourselves in,” he pointed out.

 Abdulswamad said for the county to survive they have to improve the sources of revenue collection.

He made the remarks in his inauguration speech during the opening session of the Mombasa county assembly in Mombasa County.

The governor announced they have to come up with ways to improve sources of revenue to achieve their promises to the electorate.

 Abdulswamad, who was accompanied by Mombasa County Assembly Speaker Aharub Ebrahim Khatri, Mombasa Senator Mohammed Faki and  Changamwe legislator Omar Mwinyi acknowledged poverty is the great common enemy among the county electorate.

He said he wants the county to become a thriving hub for business and innovation. ‘’We want to see our young men and women employed and meaningfully engaged,” he added.

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