Silica Fertilizer Breathes Hope To Farmers

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By John Kariuki

The growing demand for affordable fertilizer has pushed most farmers to resort to compost manure or the livestock organic waste in a bid to maintain soil fertility.

But a fast growing company by the name GPC has come up with an answer to this. In light of this we sought a word with the founder Mr Joe Kariuki.

“Our Fertilizer is not like the conventional one which you find in the agrovet stores. We have manufactured a soil and environmental friendly fertilizer which not only balances the soil pH but also boosts water retention especially ar a time when the country is grappling with erratic rainfall patterns,” said Joe.

The company, GPC has already set it’s forays beyond Kenya boundaries having recently established a fully fledged plant in neighbouring Tanzania.

Mr Joe is of the thought that with proper support , the answer to food security can be found.

Moreover the GPC fertilizer is homegrown, dredged out of the rich diatomaceous silica minerals which are locally found. This means that Mr Joe has contributed to Job creation.

Mr Joe is also packaging the Fertilizer in a convenient 25kg bag which goes for only Kenya Shillings 1,700 which is way much affordable to the peasant farmer.

‘through our market research we realized that not many farmers can afford the 50kg bag which goes for as much as 6,500. Ours is convenient and customized for the small scale farmer since they form the greatest percentage of local farmers in the country.” He concluded.

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