Francis Wahome Deny Claims That Kenyans are Suffering in Saudi

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By John Kariuki

Saudi Arabia has been hailed as an ideal migrant destination. The Gulf Country has provided millions of job opportunities for not just Kenyan workers but also the World.

Francis Wahome is the Chairperson of Association of Skilled Migrant Workers of Kenya and he believes more can be done in terms of availing job opportunities.

“Saudi Arabia has the capacity of employing more than two million Kenyan workers who can in turn grow our economy through remittances and foreign direct investment.”

Mr Wahome also cautioned all those people who have been peddling lies and misinformation about the plight of Kenyan Girls working in the Gulf Countries.

‘its very wrong to lie about a country that has provided a lifeline to millions of workers. The misinformation and defamation can also taint the strong and healthy bilateral relations that Kenya enjoys with its diplomatic missions.”

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