Tea Farmers Receive Subsidized Fertilizer

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Tea farmers in  Kathangariri Tea factory in Embu county  have  received KTDA’s subsidised fertilizer in their different collection centres.

Enos Njeru, zone 6 Board member and Moses Kamau,  Chairman Kathangariri Tea factory joined the farmers during the issuing of the fertilizer.

The subsidised fertilizer will help increase tea production and quality which will help increase tea farmers earnings.

Confirming that, Kenya Tea Development Authority KTDA Chairman David Muni Ichoho noted:

“Yes we have completed evacuation of all the fertilizer from the ship and it has already left by Saturday. The fertilizer in the warehouses is beings distributed across all our 71 factories and onward distribution to farmers. With blessings of rain in all tea areas we are happy the farmers will apply the fertilizer and increase the production.

We thank God for the rains as farmers.”

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