Elders Advice on Boys Circumcision

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By John Kariuki

With the long December holiday fast approaching, elders have come out to give their advisory pertaining the right of passage.

Boys circumcisions is usually conducted during the lengthy December holiday so that the young men can transit to secondary school having undergone the right of passage.

Elder Thiong’o Gitau, a Muthamaki in Agikuyu Culture has advised that it’s imperative that the rite of passage is accorded the honor, dignity and the significance it deserves.

“We hold dear to this tradition and since time immemorial it has been significant in our culture,” Elder Thiong’o observed.

He at the same time advised the elders to speak with one voice as we approach the festive season in which the Muthamaki narrated that they are ready to oversee and keenly observe as the boys undergo the cut.

“Its highly recommended that the boys undergo the circumcision under the watch of us, the elders because we have the singular duty and honor of making sure that the process goes smoothly. We offer rich cultural advise and teachings that equip the young men for the life ahead of them.”

Mr Thiong’o emphasized that it is the prerogative of the parents to decide how they shall execute circumcision of their boys under the new curriculum calendar.

“We wouldn’t wish to dictate at which age is appropriate. However we opine that the young graduates can go through the rite of passage after the grade six. This way, they shall transition to junior secondary as young adults,” the Muthamaki added.

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