Linturi: The government has no problem with retired President Uhuru Kenyatta

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By  Tobby Otum

The Kenya Kwanza administration under President  William Ruto has no problem with retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.   

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi refuted claims they have a personal vendetta against the former regime.

He said the former regime is gone and its political chapter is closed and sealed.

“The  government has a 10 year strategic plan to address food security in case of drought and famine in the country,” he pointed out.

Mithika insisted Ruto’s administration has no need to criticize Uhuru’s regime which is gone and passed.     

He was speaking during an inspection tour of the famous Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) at the Kibarani slaughter house in Mombasa county.

The CS  told journalists the new administration which has succeeded the former regime has to use the opportunity to prepare the country’s leadership.

Mithika said the new government has taken a bold step to tackle the perennial challenges facing the electorate.

He said time has come for the government to ensure the country comes out from relief foodstuff assistance.

“It is important for the country to ensue it has sufficient water supply and produce enough food to ensure food security,” he pointed out.

The CS reiterated government plans to construct 100 water dams where counties are set to benefit.

Mithika reiterated the construction of the 100 water dams is under public-private partnership to hasten the program. 

He told journalists with the dams the issue of drought and famine will be a thing of the past in the next three years.

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