Nubians seek Inclusion in Government Jobs

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The Nubian community has added it’s voice in calling for more inclusion in State Appointments.

In a news conference, the Nubian Society said they are yet to land plum jobs in the country despite being formally recognized as the 43rd tribe in Kenya post-2010 Constitution era.

The forum’s Executive Director Shaffie Ali Hussein said none of their members have been nominated for appointment.

“It’s become increasingly common to disregard equality and equity and representation when appointing officials to positions in the national and county governments throughout Kenya. We are calling on the President William Ruto-led administration to consider Nubians for state positions,” Hussein said.

The Nubian community, numbering at least 100,000 in terms of population, added that unemployment within the community is at an all-time high.

“This has pushed our youth into crime, with many families facing underdevelopment and marginalization,” another official said.

Despite this, the land question was also fronted, with the community representatives lamenting abject poverty.
“At least 90% of Nubians are landless. Food security is a major concern given we cannot farm or venture into active agriculture,” they added.

The Nubian community in Kenya is present in the major cities and towns including Nairobi, Kericho and Eldama Ravine in Baringo.

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