I Have A Solution to The Drought Menace-Raila

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By Tobby Otum

Azimio One Kenya coalition was well prepared to handle the drought and famine facing the county at the moment.

Coalition leader Raila Odinga said they had put enough measures to handle the drought menace if they had won to form the government.

He dismissed claims diggng of bore holes will end the current drought and famine.

“We had come up with water supply solutions through connecting water to members of public to end the drought,” he added.

Raila poked holes into Ruto’s administration saying it lacks a strategy to address the problem.

He was speaking during a burial service for Mzee Katoi Kahindi Mulanda held at Biyubu village, Bamba location in Ganze constituency, Kilifi county. The deceased was father to ODM Youth leader.

The Azimio leader told mourners they had elaborate plans to handle the situation facing the current administration.

Raila said their coalition had the best manifesto which could tackle such a disaster facing the country.

He refuted claims that they lost the August 9 presidential election claiming their victory was stolen in favour of Willliam Ruto.   

“I am disappointed that my dream to have a better and proper governance for the country was thwarted’’ he added.

The former  Premier regretted that his hands are tied since they are unable to assist on matters to do with drought and famine. 

Raila insisted its in the public domain that his victory was stolen in favor of Ruto.

He reiterated they had a solution to the drought and famine facing the country.     

I have traversed the entire country and famine and drought remains a headache to the  government.

The fomer Premier pointed out its petty for the government to make taxpayers suffer due to the drought and famine for the lack of a better solution.

Raila said by the look of things drought and famine are the biggest headaches to the govement and urged for the hasting of development irrespective of political affiliation,

He thanked the people for overwhelmingly voting for him during the general election despite the scheme that muzzled the voters’ voice.  

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