Comfort Calls for Decentralisation of Ardhi Sasa

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By John Kariuki

The Chief Executive Officer of Together as One Investment a company that owns Comfort Homes Dr. Hezekiah Kariuki has urged the government to be speedy in implementation of Ardhi Sasa project.

Dr. Kariuki wishes the Ardhi sasa which is currently domiciled in Nairobi to be Decentralised to the counties.

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government. It has been developed jointly by the Ministry of Land and Physical Planning (MoLPP) and the National Land Commission (NLC) and key partners in Government. It allows the lodgment of applications for various services offered by the Ministry and the Commission. The applications are handled through the platform and responses presented through it.

Comfort Homes has been receiving accolades for being the most reliable real estate company in the country.

β€œAt comfort Homes we are always a step ahead of the rest. We carefully and diligently carry out research before we can buy any property. We carefully then do a search to ascertain the genuineness of the said parcel of land before we could start any transaction.

Moreover our plots are strategically positioned in prime areas with easy access to social amenities such as roads, water and electricity.” Dr. Kariuki added.

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