Imara Prevails Amongst Real estate companies

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By John Kariuki

Kenya’s Real Estate Sector has been liberalised with various players throwing their hats in the ring.

One such company is Imara land investment.

The Times Digital spoke with the Chief Executive Officer of Imara land investment Kenneth Wamburu Njambi.

“Imara Land Investment is a wholly owned Kenyan company which was formed in 2019 to help our esteemed clients own land at the most affordable prices while ensuring value for their money. In a field where there has been several challenges in real estate, we strategically position ourselves to be the solution through giving you lucrative deals in land ensuring highest levels of integrity and honesty. We are committed to timely delivery in all our projects. We take pride in ensuring we position ourselves where the future of Kenya is in terms of development thus making our products perfect to purchase for speculation.

We also offer you land for immediate development whether you want to do a home or for agricultural purposes. Affordability is also our great pride!! We are here to make sure you have your own piece of Kenya at a price you can afford!! Today!!”

Mr Ken also supported the digitisation program for the title deeds whereby now they are going to be digitised under the Ardhi Sasa project.

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government.

It has been developed jointly by the Ministry of Land and Physical Planning (MoLPP) and the National Land Commission (NLC) and key partners in Government.

It allows the lodgment of applications for various services offered by the Ministry and the Commission. The applications are handled through the platform and responses presented through it.

We are customer centred and all our services resonate with that. We uphold the fundamental values of integrity and transparency.

Their contact is 0717444333.

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