Leaders Urged to Come up with Lasting Solutions to Drought Situation

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By John Kariuki

Elected leaders have been implored upon to come up with a lasting solutions for the ravaging drought in the country. Opining this is Mr Joshua Angelei an advocate of the high court and who is native to Turkana.

Angelei also hailed the Good move the president has done to come up with him promising to deal with insecurity and his promise to protect the lives of the the People and there property.

He lamented the magnitude with which the drought has continued to cripple and devastate residents of Turkana.

“As residents we depend on our livestock as the sole source of livelihood. The drought coupled with endemic insecurity only adds salt to the injury.”

Mr Angelei is however optimistic that President William Ruto means well for the region.

“We welcome His Excellencys commitment to find a lasting solution to our local problems. We are in full support of his bottom up economic model because majority of our people in Turkana live below the poverty line. The president pledged to keenly look into our issues most of which have been borne out of climate change.

Mr Angelei also reminded elected leaders that campaign time is over and that the best thing they can do now is to honor all the pledges and promises that they made to Wanjiku.

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