NG- CDF Hails Entrenchment In The Constitution

27 100

By John Kariuki

The National Government Constituency Development Fund has welcomed the move to have the kitty fully entrenched and embedded in the Constitution.

Yusuf Mbuno is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Government Constituency Development Fund NG-CDF. He says:

“We welcome this singular and bold move to entrench the NG-CDF in the Constitution. This could not have come at a better time so much so because the Fund has faced a myriad of challenges in the course of the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 which clearly stipulates the roadmap of both.

This is a very important fund whose impact has always been felt at the grassroots. It’s a great milestone that our Constitution will henceforth recognise the Fund. The fund has been like a mother and key pillar in matters development whereby other funds have always borrowed from it.”

Mbuno was quick to clarify that the NG-CDF is not a duplication of devolved functions.

“NG-CDF addresses functions assigned to the  National Government which are clearly outlined in the Fourth Schedule. The kitty enables the 290 Constituencies to implement projects key among them being Education right from primary, secondary, tertiary and university. Over 70% of the fund goes to education.”

Mr Mbuno for the umpteenth time clarified that the Supreme Court ruling that annulled the CDF Act of 2013 DID NOT in any way affect the National Government’s Constituency Development Fund act of 2015 under which the fund is dully established.

“the ruling affected the old act of 2013 and so the current revised Act of 2015 is fully compliant and recognised as the legitimate act. The issue of entrench ment in the Constitution is not a prerequisite of disbursing,” Mr Mbuno added in reference to public outcry of the delay in disbursement since July 2022.

In conclusion Mr Mbuno welcomed the Constitution Amendment citing that it will strengthen the legal framework and enable the fund to continue operating

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