Otiende Amollo Take on Presidential Term Limits

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Member of Parliament for Rarieda the Honorable Otiende Amollo has cautioned those leaders who are casually pushing for an extension of Presidential Term Limits.

The distinctive lawyer urged that such a constitution amendment requires a refendum.

Mr Otiende was reacting to a proposal by

the proposal by Fafi MP Salah Yakub.

Mr Yakub had said UDA lawmakers were working on a constitutional amendment Bill to replace the two-term limit with an age limit of 75 years. 

“You also cannot wake up.one day and create counties and even start naming them before they even exist. This requires a constitutional amendment through a referendum.”

“There Are 3 Things That Will Not Change In The Foreseable Future In Kenya;

1. That We Are A Multi-Party State

2. That We Are Devolved

3. That POK Has 10Yr Term Limit. All These People With Weird Proposals, Read A.255. STOP Diverting Attention From Instant Problems By Diversion.”

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