NHIF Human Capital Development Manager shielding Ghost Worker Husband

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The National Hospital Insurance Human Capital Development Manager Rosemary Wairimu Gachemi is allegedly shielding her Ghost Worker Husband.

The husband Joel Kiarie allegedly works at the NHIF Ruaraka branch.

According to a leaked dossier, Kiarie has never reported to work for over 5 years.

However, the report went on to say that he is paid courtesy of his wife.

“He gets a gross of over 200,000. Rosemary is powerful, she is the current de-facto CEO of NHIF and the Board chair,” said the report.

According some NHIF insiders, Rosemary has several senior managers at NHIF who she micromanages because of advancing sexual favors to them.

“She is young and petite light skin, and wears see through tights, to confuse the big shots,” an insider said.

The insiders added that she intimidates employees with unfair transfers to far flung areas and influences any decision on management.

They said the lady is very incompetent and arrogant.

“Several issues of staff discipline are centered on her influence. Recently, the Nubian community were up in arms after one of their own was unfairly targeted,” the insider added.

The insider added that other Senior Managers and Directors contracts have been terminated due to her influence.

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