Society Urges Gov’t to Build Special School for The Deaf

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By John Kariuki

The Kenya Society for Deaf Children is imploring upon the Government and other stakeholders to consider establishing a university for the hearing impaired.

Francis Ng’ang’a is the Chairman of the Society and he says:

“For a long time the hearing impaired have been treated as second class citizens and they ought to be treated with dignity they deserve.,”

Mr Ng’ang’a who was a former secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, called for more concerted efforts and goodwill to establish the institution of higher learning which does not exist at the moment, not just in Kenya but also in the Greater East Africa region.

Mr Ng’ang’a also called for inclusivity of those with hearing impairment in all cadres of both government and the private sector.

Kenya Society for Deaf Children Calls for University for the hearing impaired

“we are even calling for sign language to be taught in public schools so that the able bodied children can get to communicate effectively with their siblings who are deaf and who are mostly misunderstood and therefore left out of several decision making processes.”

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