Disability Cards Officially Launched

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By John Kariuki

 The National Council for Persons with Disabilities together with the Disability fraternity have celebrated a milestone in the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities particularly on registration of persons with disabilities as inscribed in the Persons with Disabilities Act 2003.

The Constitution of Kenya, particularly Article 54, assigns persons with disabilities equal social, political and economic rights. Registration of persons with disabilities is therefore critical as it informs interventions, policies and programmes meant for them.

The new disability card is embedded with security features and a QR code for verification purposes.

Labor and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore noted:

“This will assist in curbing fraud and also providing accurate socio-economic data of persons with disabilities. Further, it  will help the sector to generate and manage a real time socio-economic data on persons with disabilities hence aligning to Kenya’s commitment during the 2018 Global Disability Summit that required countries to generate disaggregated data on disability. Through this, the NCPD targets to register  one million persons with disabilities in the country as indicated in the 2019 census.”

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