PCPB Allays Fears of Pesticides Toxicity

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By John Kariuki

Pesticides that are currently being used in Kenya are safe and fully compliant even to international standards.

This has been confirmed by The chief executive officer of Pest Control and Products Board Dr. Esther Kimani who noted:

The Pest Control Products Board is a Statutory organization of Kenya Government established under an Act of parliament, the Pest Control Products Act, to regulate the importation and exportation, manufacture, distribution and use of pest control products.

Dr. Kimani observes,

“We always assess and evaluate potential harmful effects of any pest control product to the environment. Of significant check is the economic value that such a product will bring to the country. I would like therefore to confirm that all products currently in use as per the prescribed intention are safe and therefore no cause for alarm.”

Dr. Kimani also alluded that PCPB has taken the unprecedented step to train farmers on safe use of pesticides and also the importance of adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions especially the withdrawal period of a certain produce after use of the pesticide.

“upon invitation by farmers, we readily extend a helping hand by offering them the much needed professional advice. We are also promoting the use of integrated pest management practices and invite farmers to feel free to report any product that exhibits adverse effects on their crop.”

Dr. Kimani reiterated the need for strict adherence to manufacturers instructions in a bid to make our agricultural products more marketable and eligible for the international markets.

“One reason for the interception of our french beans that disqualifies them in the international export market is pesticide residue and our investigation has concluded that the pesticide used in french beans is contraindicated for vegetables and horticultural products, hence the need for farmers to buy the approved pesticides that have been given the nod by the pest control products board.”

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