Noise Polluters on Notice as Festive Season Starts

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Nairobi County government, through environment department has warned members of the public to desist from making noise to others during December Holidays and also during the ongoing Kenya national exams for both primary and secondary schools.

The county is now directing members of the public to adhere to the environmental Management and Noise pollution act.

Environment County Director John Paul Malawi said his officers will enhance surveillance to ensure that they deal firmly with noise makers in the city estate, adding that they will only allow permissible sound levels.

“No person shall make or cause to be made any loud , unreasonable, unnecessary or unusual noise which annoys ,or endangers the comfort or safety of others,” he said.

Malawi said any person in charge of a party or night crusades in the estates that occurs in private or public property shall ensure that does not produce noise in aloud causing nuisance to the area residents.

Malawi said as a county environment department charged with supervision and coordination over all matters relating to the environment, they have advised Kenyans particular residing in Nairobi to comply the noise pollution regulations,before the law Catch up with them.

On illegal dumping, Mr Malawi said that the county Anti dumping unit has been operational for the last two months, and has upscaled its operations across the city to ensure a clean and safe city in line with Governor Sakaja’s vision of acity of order ,dignity, hope and opportunity for all.

“In line with Governor Sakaja’s vision we want to make Nairobi agreen city ,devoid of waste, “he added.

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