Kiambu MCA Kung’u Smart demands audit on buildings after collapses

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Three building in Kiambu County have collapsed in a period of two months .This is the period that the Kiambu governor Kimani Wamatangi has been in office .

Government Wamatangi recently blamed the previous administration of approving construction of the building even without thoroughly assessment as per the law.

On Wednesday, a building collapsed in Old Ruaka town ,a couple was killed.

Following the incident governor Kimani Wamatangi disbanded a technical committee responsible for approving the construction of buildings.

Building that collapsed in Ruiru town

Wamatangi said a new committee will be established to address rising cases of buildings coming down in the county.

“We cannot go on like this. We must have a new team that properly does its work,” he said.

Kiamwangi MCA,Kungu Smart addressing the media in Ruiru town has now urged the County government to suspend some ongoing construction to allow audit .

He has blamed corruption in issuance of the construction certificate noting that most of the collapsing houses are built in marshy areas.

He said that the county should revisit their laws and new audit will help to mark areas where building should not be beyond two floors .

“I would like to congratulate the governor for disbanding the committee construction and appointing new authority, something must be done properly, “Kung’u said .

He further called upon National Construction Authority to arrest construction workers who are not engineers and those aiding the construction of poor houses risking people lives.

A five-storey building that collapsed

He said that NCA should do a thorough inspection to ensure that law and order are followed.

“We can’t afford to keep on losing innocent lives, recently was in Kirigiti, last week, Ruaka and now in Ruiru, something serious must be done, “he said.

In Ruiru building,no one has been hurt as the county had ordered the house to be closed.

Wamatangi has said that forensic audit of the building adjacent will be conducted to ensure suitability.

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