Puzzle of Collapsing Buildings – Stakeholders Urged to Work in Synergy

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By John Kariuki

Over the last few weeks, Kenyans have been treated to news of buildings collapsing and in some instances claiming lives.

The puzzle becomes more intriguing as stakeholders scratch their heads in search of answers.

QS David Gaitho is the Chairman of the National Construction Authority and he opines:

“ in collaboration with national building inspectorate of Nairobi which is a division within state department of public works, a country wide survey has been done and several building are earmarked for demolition Political good will is required.”

On Monday a five story building collapsed in Ruiru hours after tenants were evacuated.

On Tuesday 15th November, A seven-storey building that was under construction in Nairobi’s Kasarani area collapsed claiming lives of three people.

National Construction Authority Chairman QS. David Gaitho

Construction workers at the site said that they started noticing cracks in the building in the morning before raising alarm.

The supervisor at the site is said to have insisted and directed the workers to ignore the alarm, saying that the building was safe, and ordering them to go back to work.

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