Isaac Andabwa Graduates With Degree in Criminology

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Celebrated Secretary General of the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union KNPSWU Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa (OGW) has added another feather to his hat.

The vocal and outspoken secretary general has graduated with a degree in criminology and security Management from St. Paul’s University.

He is now pursuing a master’s degree in Leadership.

Currently, Andabwa is the National General Secretary of Kenya national private security workers Union, the youngest executive board member at COTU (K), executive board member at UNI properties Service at UNI Global Union and the President Private Security Umbrella in Africa.

Before he ascended to the position of the National Secretary General of Kenya National Private Security Workers Union, Mr. Isaac Andabwa was a security guard at the KK Security Company as senior guard class 1.

Since he took over the leadership of the union, Andabwa said the guards union has achieved a number of meaningful results as there are people of all tribes in the union `s national office (employment), which has made the union to have a national face. Before he said there was only one staff working for the union and now the union boasts of having 30 staff fully employed and submitting their contributions to KRA, NHIF and NSSF.

He has during his tenure seen the growth of the number of private security guards company’s members from one, which was only KK Security to now where over 50 companies have their workers in the union. The union has also made recognition with securities companies and is in the process of negotiating and signing CBA`s with them.

Thirteen physical offices in the regions have been opened for the union and they are according to Andabwa planning to open an office in each of every 47 counties in the country in order to serve their members effectively in line with the devolved system of governance .The membership to the union has tremendously rise from 2 000 in 2009 to over 100 000 currently a factor Andabwa said is the trust the security guards workers have in the leadership of the union. Also there has been a reduction in the cases of wrangles in the union, as he prefers holding dialogue when there is a problem. He also said that the Union is in the process of establishing a security academy for its members.

Andabwa said that they have presented a proposal to the Interior and Co-Ordination Ministry, Ministry of Education and to some security experts who have given an okay for it to go on.

“You know security guards play a very important role in the security provision in this country yet some of them are not well conversant with the modern security challenges which has made us to come up with an idea of starting a security institution to educate our members on the security matters. We will begin with certificates as we climb up to the PhD level of education, “said Andabwa.

Kenya National Private Security Workers Union he said has also during his watch as the National General Secretary been affiliated to various global unions like Uniglobal union, which is based in Geneva.

He is the Founder of the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSWU) which has organized over 100,000 Private Security Officers to the Union. He has contributed to the betterment of Private Security Officers through establishment of Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Headquarters in Nairobi and fifteen (15) country-wide branch offices that have employed over sixty (60) officers which has led to improved service delivery. Besides, he is the Founder and Chairman of the National Service and Walinzi Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited, which has economically transformed and empowered Private Security Guards in the entire Republic of Kenya through savings, borrowings and entrepreneurial investments.

He lobbied and championed for the enactment of the Private Security Regulation Act, 2016 and was consequently appointed by H.E. The President of the Republic of Kenya as a Board Member of the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) from 2017 to 2022. He is also an Executive Board Member at Central Organization of Trade Union, COTU (K) and Board Member at the UNI-Properties Services and UNI-Global Union. He is a strategic Member at the Protective Security Services Wages Council. He was recognized and awarded as the Best Global Private Security Organizer in Africa by Uni-Global Union in United Kingdom, Liverpool (2013) and South Africa, Johannesburg (2014).

He has demonstrated transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency in trade related negotiations and grievance handling procedures and processes and this has enhanced trust and confidence from the Union Members.

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