Nairobi MCAs Urge Sakaja to Renovate Gikomba Market

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Nairobi Mcas have called upon Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to demolish the whole of Gikomba market and construct afresh modern market and kiosks as one way of getting a permanent solution to the rampant fire infernos that have been witnessed over years.

Speaking to the media ,Korogocho Mca Absalom Odhiambo aka Matach ,told Governor Sakaja to get a permanent solution,that will see to it safety of traders investment at the busy market.

“We want to tell Sakaja,please build one large modern market and kiosks at Gikomba, our people are loosing million of shillings year in ,year out,” Matach said.

The ODM Mca also said if Sakaja will not think otherwise, they will be forced to come up with amotion that will compell his administration to have modern market.

“Our people borrow huge loans,and they need to do business, not making loses each and every time,” Matach added.

This comes after Property of unknown value has been destroyed following a fire incident in the wee hours of Thursday morning at Gikomba Market.

According to reports the fire broke out at Jua Kali area razing down shedloads of stalls, with traders now calling for a lasting solution to the perennial fires.

Over the years, a number of fires have ravaged Gikomba market, East Africa’s largest open market. 

In October 2017, the government said that it had laid a Ksh.19 billion blueprint to construct a multi-storey market where the more than 20,000 Gikomba traders were to be accommodated as well as ensure an end to the frequent fires.

The plan has yet to be implemented.

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