PRISK members vow not to participate in virtual AGM and online elections of new leaders

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A section of Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) members are now demanding for the immediate exit of the Board’s Chief Executive Officer Edwardo Waigwa Kimani and his entire team.

The Directors include Daniel Kinyua Kibuchi, Vice Chair, Directors Keith Karanja Chuaga, Sylvia Mbithe Mutyota, Mary Gathigia Thitai and David Livingstone Aliwah Sadjah.

Led by Julius Nana, the members who addressed the mediqa on Thursday at the Kenya National Theater argue that the Board has been mismanaging the affairs of artists and at the same time micro-managing them.

‘It has come to our attention that some of the Royalties Collections Management Organizations are no longer serving the interest of a creatives. CMO’s, with specific attention the Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) are no longer serving their primary and secondary purpose i.e. collecting and distributing of royalties respectively.’ Nana said.

He further said that the current leadership of PRISK has failed to give members full power to exercise their rights and revival power to the sinking CMO.

Nana who was flanked by Eunice Lemma, Judith Ogeya, Sharon Mutuku, Maraga Symon, Darton Machoka amongst many others who all echoed Nana’s remarks said that they will not sit and watch as the affairs at PRISK continue to nose dive as affairs of members continue to be neglected.

Julius Nana addresses the media flanked by PRISK members at Kenya National Theatre on November 24th 2022.

They vowed not to attend a virtual AGM organized by the top leadership at PRISK which will be preceded by voting of new leaders, demanding instead for a physical AGM and physical voting of new leaders.

‘Currently, an AGM is scheduled on 8th of December 2022 and one of the agendas is to conduct BOD elections. On this matter, the BOD has taken the direction of online elections which 99% of the membership is against due to the fact that the sitting board has overseen the acquisition of the voting system, will oversee its administration and the elections process yet they are also candidates in the same election. This is a major intentional flaw to stay in office against the will of the members.’ Nana claimed.

He further said that members have not been consulted on selection of an independent auditor to audit the system and the results thereafter.

‘In this case the outcome of the elections cannot be transparent and verifiable.’ He added.

Sharon Mutuku, a member of PRISK, speaks to the media during the press briefing at Kenya National Theatre on Thursday 24th November 2022.

The members said that only a physical AGM will give members the benefit of a full glare elections which is transparent to reflect the will of the members.

The members also took issue with other CMO’s including MCSK which they said are not any different. They said the challenges are the same and even in some cases worse.

‘The creatives in the country have suffered in the hands of few self-centered bureaucratic leaders who don’t care about the future of the young talent who believe tomorrow will be better. As members we have said enough is enough and we urge all stakeholders to join us as well embark of liberating the place of creatives in the beautiful Nation of Kenya.’

‘It’s the high time also we invite the media to focus on our issues and uncover our miseries if we must liberate our creatives industry in Kenya. Its revolution time to make every artist, actor and rights holder earn from their works and toil. We are deteriorating over time and if we must control this the time is now!’ Nana said.

Judith Oheya addresses the media flanked by Julius Nana at Kenya National Theatre on Thursday 24th November 2022.

They called on CS Youth affairs Sports and the Arts Ababu Namwamba as well as His Excellency Dr. President William Samoei Ruto to massively and with urgency intervene on the matter.

‘It’s a state of emergency as far as the matters of entertainment royalties’ collections are concerned. It’s a state of emergency as far as creating a working earning model for our future generation of creatives is concerned.’ The members said.

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