Clergy Call for More Independence

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The Clergy has urged the government to allow it to remain independent.

This after earlier suggestions that some members of the clergy should be incorporated in leadership circles in the government by being appointed to various government entities.

Apostle Julius Kithome of Prayer and Revival Fire Ministries called upon the importance of approaching such sensitive proposals with caution.

“These are different parties with different goals and objectives. Whilst the government is serving the people here on earth, the Church focuses in directing the people towards eternal life. So both should not be mixed.”

However Apostle Julius Kithome called upon Kenyans to join hands for the sake of our brothers and sisters who are suffering because of lack of food.

“Its a worthy cause to donate for our starving brothers and sisters but I challenge the government to come up with lasting solutions to address the perennial drought that results in food insecurity.”

“We should address the root cause of why we are facing food shortages this is because the drought will always come. We should address the issue of water harvesting and even come up with irrigation methods for a tangible solution.

Agriculture is optional in our schools and yet English and Kiswahili is mandatory

We should have a lasting solution to address the shortage of food.”

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