Twiga Foods Launches Distribution Centre to Expand Delivery Capacity in Estern Africa

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By MaryAnne Musilo,

President William Ruto today officially unveiled Twiga Foods Multi-Million-dollar distribution center, a world-class 200,000 sq ft facility that will offer fulfillment by Twiga services to manufacturers, brand owners, and farmers across East Africa.

Located in Tatu City, the automated facility will see the company expand its overall capacity and ability to deliver a selection of fresh produce, and retail products and provide partners access to over 140,000 customers across the Kenya and Uganda.

While addressing stakeholders during the launch, Twiga’s Group C.E.O, Peter Njonjo stated that the move will ensure convenient and affordable, food and retail commodities distribution across Kenya and Uganda.

“Today, we are extremely proud of the official opening of the Twiga distribution center. This world-class facility will help push our daily handling capacity to 8Million Kgs. This facility will form the backbone of our supply chain and will be key in enabling our new service, fulfillment by Twiga” said Peter Njonjo, Twiga’s Chief Executive.

“This will allow Twiga to offer fulfillment services to manufacturers, brand owners, and farmers, offering distribution across Kenya and Uganda. This will give access to over 140,000 retailers, which will improve product assortment and affordability across the region”. He added

The state-of-the-art distribution facility is fitted with the latest logistics and warehouse technology. The modern agricultural distribution center has a large capacity storage fitted with racking systems, banana rooms, modern dock door systems, and product scanners which have enhanced food traceability among
other functions.

Speaking during the launch, H.E William Ruto said that Twiga is a good example of businesses that are embracing the hustlers vision for they are making sure that ‘mama mboga’ gets products at ease and at a fair price.

“I want to confirm to Peter and Twiga family that the ksh 300 million fund to lend to 140 farmers and customers across Kenya, will be made available by the government, so that they can borrow at lower interests rates of 8% per year,” he further stated.

Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Investment, and Industry, Hon. Moses Kuria together with Mr. Njonjo signed a high-level framework aimed at bridging the gaps in food security in the country.

“This framework would focus on Providing access to the hustler fund for the thousands of retailers on the Twiga Soko Yetu platform to working capital financing, provide off-take from government-built aggregation centers that will provide smallholder farmers with market access across the country, and explore distribution from governmentbuilt export warehouses in other African countries to the retail markets taking advantage of the Africa Free Continental Trade Area and giving Kenya companies access to foreign markets” Said Moses Kuria

Alongside the continued growth of the independent grocer and food industry in general, Twiga Foods believes that the distribution center will be a great complement to its complete distribution network.

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