Everlyne Koiyan: A Lady Defying The Odds

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By John Kariuki

Everlyne Koiyan is a former County Executive committee member for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, and Veterinary Services in Narok County Government.

The strong-willed lady also served as County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in the following Departments: Public works, Roads and Transport, Water, Energy, and Environment

Her entry to Government was Director for Administration and Administrative Services at 24yrs. Then Seconded to being Chief officer for Livestock and Veterinary services.

In private Sector she was appointed Group Administrator for Buzeki Group of Companies based in East and Central Africa: then became Chief Operations Officer.

She has overseen Implementation of 3 successful World Bank Project’s. In Narok:

1.Sustainable Land Management (SLM)

2.Asgricultural Sector Support Development Programme (ASDSP)

3. National Agriculture Rural Inclusive Growth (NARIGP)

She possesses a vast 10-Year working experience in Management, both in the Private and Public sectors

She had also vied for Mp in 2014 in Emurwa Dikiir Constituency, Narok County at the age of 23.

Not many can muster her eloquence, charisma wit and general character.

This is Everlyne Koiyan the immediate Former County Executive Committee for agriculture in Narok county and now The Chief Executive Officer of Black Mint Africa consulting Ltd.

Black Mint Africa Consulting Ltd will be a principal regional player in Africa in management consulting, enterprise development and project implementation. Black Mint Africa Consulting aims to grow its organization by working with institutions to bridge the proficiency gap, and to propel institutions to new heights of growth and stability

Black Mint Africa Consulting will operate in five key industries: Government & Public Sector, Agriculture Value Chain Enhancement, Enterprise Development, Mentorship on Youth and Women Empowerment, Food Security and Health Systems. The Black Mint consulting team has an illustrious understanding of the complex process of research, developing strategy and translating it into reality.

At her youthful age The CEO for Black Mint Africa Consulting Ltd. Ms. Everlyne Koiyan believes she can defy The Odds. 

On her perspective about Women in politics and Youth Empowerment. Ms. Koiyan is optimistic that The Kenya Kwanza Government is on the right path to achieve Gender parity as enshrined in The Constitution.

On her remarks Ms. Koiyan believes That Those who hunt, sit on the dining table. As a way of motivating the Youth (As the adage goes hard work never goes unrewarded).

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