Mary Mbugua Lauds Women in Leadership Positions

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By John Kariuki

Former Nakuru County Woman Representative Honorable Mary Njoki Mbugua has hailed the move to elevate women in top leadership positions.

Mrs. Mbugua termed this as a step in the right direction at a time when the clamour for implementation of the two thirds gender principle could not be overemphasized.

“All the women who have landed top appointments have done so purely on the basis of merit. We are urging them to execute their mandate wholeheartedly. Even those who are elected should serve the electorate without fear of favour. We, as the women of Kenya, are proving the antagonists of women leadership wrong.

For a long time, women have been belittled and looked down upon. But not any longer. We are coming up in a big way to fight for our space in leadership and governance,” noted Honorable Mary Mbugua.

Mrs Mbugua is a holder of two prestigious awards:

  1. Order of Grand Warrior (OGW)
  2. Head of State Commendation (HSC)
Hon. Mary Njoki Mbugua, is a former Woman Representative for Nakuru County and a respected church leader and family counselor. She is a holder of the decorated titles of HSC and OGW

And during this lengthy holiday season, Mrs Mbugua who is also a highly respected church leader called upon parents to be watchful of their children at a time when the children are faced with multiple threats

“It’s the prerogative and responsibility of every parent to exercise restraint of their children who should not be left exposed to the dangers of the society. The children should be encouraged to engage themselves in constructive activities this holiday season.” Mrs Mbugua added.

She at the same time encouraged couples to embrace dialogue whenever they have disagreements or disputes. Her golden advice comes at a time when the country has witnessed increased number of family feuds and gender based violence, murder, suicide and other commotions most of which end in fatalities pitting the family sphere.

“Whenever you disagree, the best approach would be to sit down and have a dialogue on how to solve the issue in question. Nobody should allow emotions to take a centre stage. Through the discussion, an amicable solution is always reached at, and the family reunites,” Mrs Mbugua advised.

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