CEC Nominee for ICT Pledge to Digitize Services in Nairobi

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By Reporter

The County Executive Committee nominee for Digital, Economy and ICT has pledged to revamp the Information Communication Technology sector to ensure maximum revenue collection in Nairobi City County.

He says he will use his experience in accounting field to ensure more revenue streams in to the county through digital system.

“We are losing a lot when we collect revenue manually which goes to individual’s accounts but when we do digital with low morale staffs then we shall not achieve more, we must talk to our workers and ensure that we are efficient.” He said.

Gumo said that it’s about putting a working system together and all will be set to take Nairobi to an international City.

“I intend to help Governor Sakaja to digitize these barrows by networking them and we have great plans towards the same. We shall come up with a central app that Nairobians can report an issue at a click of a button,” Gumo said.

He added that traffic in Nairobi will be digitally controlled as it was alleged that traffic officers also lead to congestion in the City.

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