CEC Nominee Reveals Politicians at the Heart of Land Grabbing in the City

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Vetting for Nairobi County executive committee members started on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 morning with the current chief officer for environment and public planning Stephen Gathuita Mwangi the first on the list for the post of Environment and Urban Planning.

SG.Mwangi told the select committee on appointment that he started serving the county before devolution in 1985 in the same department and has relevant experience to deliver sufficiently.

“Land grabbing in Nairobi is rampant but the menace is politically instigated as politicians will gain popularity by rewarding irregularilly lands to their supporters,” SG Mwangi said.

Mwangi said that the land besides the Supreme Court belongs to the county and the matter is in the court.

The Assembly and the executive must work together to get people live having a security of tenure.

Mwangi declared his net worth in cash and assets to be over Ksh.600 million and has no any criminal records.

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