Yusuf Mbuno: NG-CDF Disbursements Timely

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By John Kariuki

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Government’s Constituency Development Fund NG-CDF Mr Yusuf Mbuno has termed as a welcome relief, the move to disburse the over 44 Billion meant for the 290 Constituencies.

The monies had been withheld by the Treasury since July pending the interpretation of the Supreme Court Ruling that annulled the now defunct CDF Act of 2013.

The Attorney General Mr. Justin Bedan Muturi recently clarified that NG-CDF as anchored in the NG-CDF Act of 2015 is fully legitimate and strictly in confirming to the Constitution.

Of particular benefit following the NG-CDF disbursements is the ability to uplift the education system especially infrastructure wise.

“its now common knowledge that junior secondarily will be domiciled in the primary schools. This calls for additional physical infrastructure development. For example we’ve been tasked to put up essential infrastructure such as laboratories in order to support the Competence Based Curriculum CBC.

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