MPs defend hustler fund

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A cross section of members of Parliament allied to President William Ruto have come to the defense of the hustler fund.

In a news conference, the MPs led by Kesses MP Julius Rutto noted:

“Hustler Fund which was launched by President William Samoei Ruto on 30th of November, this year, Is legal and strictly in accordance to Article 223 of the Constitution of Kenya. Furthermore, We have amendment Public Finance Management act [PFM] to support it too.

I call upon Rt. Hon Raila Odinga led camp to stop peddling lies alleging that, Hustler Fund is illegal, but instead,they should check their facts right.

The presser at the Parliament Buildings, Nairobi was in response to yesterday’s remarks made by Rt. Hon Raila Odinga led team about Hustler Fund at Kamukunji Grounds rally.”

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