Naivas Supermarket Opens A New Branch at Nairobi West

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By MaryAnne Musilo,

Naivas Supermarket has opened yet another branch in Nairobi’s populous estate of Nairobi West, bringing its total outlets in the country to 90.

“Retail is about detail,” said Mr Willy Kimani the Chief Commercial Officer during the opening ceremony.

The new branch in Nairobi West joins other  branches in accelerating its quest to give affordable   household commodities to the ecomically crippled Kenyans.

Speaking during  the opening  the retailer’s  Chief  Commercial  Officer  Willy  Kimani  said that the opening  of the store is monumental since its strategic location and low price prices  will serve the residents  of Nairobi West.

“We celebrate each store’s opening as it adds fuel to the fire that drives the business which is to see to it that we remain to be a local success story upon which many other Kenyan entrepreneurs build their dreams. However, we are particularly very excited about this opening,” said Willy Kimani, Naivas Chief Commercial Officer.

The 91th store is set to be opened next week.

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