Re-consider abolishing boarding schools at primary level state told

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 By Tobby Otum

Mixed reactions continue from education stakeholders over government plan to abolish boarding schools at primary level.

Kenya Women Teachers Assocation (KEWOTA) Chief Executive Officer Benta Opande has sent a passionate appeal to the government to re-consider its plan to abolish boarding schools at the primary level.

She asked the government to stop putting its decision into action until dialogue takes place.

“There is urgent need for education stakeholders to have a roundtable and reason together before such a harsh decision takes effect,” she said.

Benta defended the establishment of boarding to learners saying there is sound reason behind it.

She was addressing journalists during the 18th Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association [KEPSHA] 2022 national annual conference at Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre in Mombasa County. She was flanked by KEWOTA  national treasurer Jacinta Ndegwa.

The KEWOTA Chief Executive Officer argued there is urgent  need to rescue the next generation in both cattle rustling areas and Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL) areas. 

Benta told journalists it’s not easy to change the culture of the communities but they can rescue the next generation in the society.

She pointed out the families in those areas keep on moving with their livestock and their entire families.

“There is need to confine the children during the government schools program,” she added.

The KEWOTA official told journalists the safest place where the children are assured of their security and be guranteed of their daily meal is boarding schools. 

Benta told the media its not easy to change the cultural ways of the  communities but there is need to rescue the next generation.

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