The 3rd Interfaith National Dialogue Held to Assess Kenya’s Current Affairs

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By Shadrack Nyakoe

Hundreds of delegates drawn from across the nation have attended third National Dialogue Conference in Nairobi to assess the state of the nation after the 2022 general elections.

The clergy lauded Kenyans including the youth and political actors for observing peaceful elections.

Led by the Dialogue Reference Group Chairperson Martin Kivuva, they called for decisive action to deal with corruption.

“We are concerned that the country has not exhibited firm commitment to deal with corruption, and are shocked by the manner in which the Director of Public Prosecutions is dropping cases touching on high level crimes. The public confession by the Director that he was influenced by the previous regime to frame people through court cases means the office has lost independence, and can no longer be trusted to not be influenced by the current regime to similarly frame other people. For this reason, we recommend that the Director takes time for introspection and takes decisive action to reassure Kenyans of the independence of this key constitutional organ. We also reiterate our position that the country requires dignified opposition as a measure of promoting
accountability in governance,” said Archbishop Kivuva.

They called on the government to put up measures to mitigate the ravaging economic times.

“Poverty is a horror that continues to ravage the citizens of Kenya. We recommend a consultative process to develop an economic recovery strategy,” Kivuva said.

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