Festive Greeting specials: Sarah Karingi

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Sarah Karingi, the de facto Queen of Networking, and an astute businesslady and entrepreneur is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2023.

In her Chrismas Message, Sarah called upon Kenyans to indulge responsibly and for the drivers on our roads to exercise caution and safe driving.

On matters pertaining the Hustler Fund, the Government sponsored credit facility that was launched a Month ago, Sarah advised the beneficiaries of the fund to use the money wisely.

“This money is meant to assist someone to either start or grow a business. It should not be used to cover recurrent expenses nor plunder it through lavish spending,” the highly respected entrepreneur noted.

She at the same time shared her thoughts on what could have been the best approach towards the roll out of the fund saying it could have taken a more pragmatic approach.

“There ought to have been some kind of capacity building where the benefactors could have been taken through a financial literacy lesson and basic entrepreneurship skills, this could have gone a long way in boosting the efficiency of the Fund,” she notes.

Sarah is a Reknown businesslady and is the wheel behind Sarma enterprises Limited that provide all timber based and interiors solutions for builders.

She further advises people that any solution is provided by other people and hence the reason no one should not stress themselves but seek others and network with them this season.

“If you are not networking you are not working”she quips

Besides business and networking,she is passionate about helping the needy and some of her philanthropic work has been at Joy Children’s home in Ruiru,beautiful ashes,Optiven Foundation,Lady Hope Cancer Wellness lnstitute amongst others

Finally, the Queen of Networking wishes every Kenyan a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2023.

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