Plan to Increase Land Rates Faulted

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By John Kariuki

Landlords and tenants association of Kenya have vehemently opposed Planned increase of land rates from 10 to 20%. They claim that none of them was consulted.

They said the move by Nairobi County Government would have factored in the views and opinions of landlords and tenants.

The association also questioned the increased number of buildins that are coming down.

“Let us know the genesis of this problem. Whether it’s the architectural association, or the engineers,”

According to Peter Njau who was vying in Kasarani, he said that the matter is in court and they are waiting the verdict of the court .

“The hustlers are the one who are suffering. Because if the landlord increases the rent, the poor man suffers. We are not against the payment of land rates. It’s because we need a public participation first so as to come up with an amicable solution,”. Njau said.

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