Former MP Calls for Multi Sectoral Approach to Tackle Killings in Kisii

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By Martin Masinde

Former Aspirant for Nyamira Gubernatorial race and former Member of Parliament for Borabu Ben Momanyi is calling for a multi sectoral approach in tackling the issues or murders, suicides and unexplained killings that have been taking place in Kisii County.

Hon Ben, a senior counsel of high standing, lamented the high cases of murders in the region and called upon all the concerned stakeholders to take action.

“Our good county is now on everyday headlines for all the wrongs. This is unbecoming and should be condemned with the strongest possible terms. Our county has a rich heritage and a very hardworking People and as such, a few elements should not be allowed to taint our good name.”

Hon Momanyi also took issue with the leadership of the county for complacency and failure to deliver on the promises they gave during the Campaigns.

“Kisii county is way ahead of Nyamira in terms of development. As Nyamira we remain back because of failed leadership who have betrayed the very trust that Wanjiku had in them. But a moment of reckoning is coming where the wheat will be separated from the chaff, he noted.

On the flawed process of Gubernatorial election, Hon Momanyi called upon justice to be served.

‘I’m hopeful and confident that justice shall be served in the flawed electoral process that was marred with irregularities but at the end, we shall have the truth to be known.”

He at the same time took a solemn moment to send his heartfelt condolences to the family of the late prisons commissioner Isaiah Osugo.

“ive known the late Osugo and I’ve worked with him. I send my deepest condolences to the family at a time of this great loss. May God comfort them and wipe every tear from them,” he concluded.

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