No more lands rates payment for places of worship

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By Tobby Orum 

The county government is in the process to abolish land rates for all places of worship.     

Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir assured religious leaders that the county assembly members are at an advanced stage to enact a law that abolishes land rates for places of worship.     

He insisted when the law is enacted no religion will pay land rates within the county.

“The law is in the hands of the county assembly members for debate before it is enacted,” he added.

He was speaking when he joined Orange Democratic Movement [ODM] party leader Raila Odinga when attending the first Sunday service for 2023 at the Anglican Church of Kenya [ACK] Mombasa Memorial Cathedral in Mombasa county.

The governor  told the cogeneration that he is optimistic by end of this month the law will see the light of day.

 Abdulswamad said apart from the law on rates there are laws coming up on how the community should live together in harmony.

He added the laws will be the first to be introduced this new year.

“Despite our religious differences in the eyes of the Almighty God we are one,” he pointed out.

The governor thanked religious leaders for overwhelmingly voting for him to be the second governor to succeed predecessors Hassan Ali Joho.

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