Nairobi Land Cartels Warned Against Extortion

22 100

Nairobi Airbase ward MCA Faud Hussein warns Cartels Masquerading as City Hall Planning officials, who have been Harassing Somali Community in the City.

Following a leaked audio doing rounds on social media, Airbase Mca Fuad Hussein has been captured defending strongly the somali Community in Nairobi that have been constantly harrased by cityhall cartels Masquerading as Nairobi City County Planning officials.

In the conversation, the vocal MCA has warned one Joseph Ombuye to stop extorting the Muslim community investors in Nairobi and particularly those investing in parklands, Westlands constituency.

“Who are you to harass our people in parklands, where are you I come for now now ,which office are you located ,” Furious MCA is heard in the recorded audio.

The MCA has also warned one Joseph Ombuye to stop threatening Somali business community with immediate effect or he will face him headon.

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