Matungu MP Hits Out at The Gov’t Over Failure to Disburse NGCDF

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Matungu Legislator peter Oscar Nabulindohas hitted out on the government for not honouring it’s agreement of not sending 2billion to the NGCDF as agreed on the 9th December 2022,only 5Million to 7 Million was send which is 10% of the money needed a drop in the ocean and cannot do anything interms of bursary disbursement saying the government will water down all the gains achieved in it’s 100 percent transition.

Speaking to journalist in Mombasa during the committe induction which has been brought to a halt untill money is send to the NGCDF accounts by the Treasury,Nabulindo has said atleast three thousand needy students in his consistency have not reported back to school due to lack of school fees,the legislator has also rised alarm over the number of collapsed toilets in his consistency due to heavy rains experienced saying he currently need emergency funds to construct toilets which have posed a health hazard to the school going children an issue that need to be addressed urgently

The two weeks induction have stalled with all member of parliament unanimously agreeing to boycott the committee sessions saying “No money ,no induction” currently there is no communication from the house leadership with the house speaker remaining tight lipped and no word from the Treasury and CDF board.

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