Rajeev Arora On His Push To Revive The Textile Industryn Through His Organisation EPZ

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By Meresia Aloo.

According to a recent study, 5,341,182 (38.1%) of Kenya’s youth are unemployed and lack access to the necessary training to develop the skills needed for work. However, Kenya’s apparel manufacturing industry today employs over 40,000 people.

Also,there is a scarcity of 10,000–15,000 skilled people in the sector at the moment, 60% of whom are sewing machine operators.

And for this reason, in-house training for sewing machine operators has been ad hoc and non-standardized up until now.

So far among the complains that employers have raised include|: the timeframe given to find suitable candidates, the amount of uptake of  resources, and that workers’ bad attitudes make them less efficient.

This is why a Skills Development Center of Excellence (SDCE) has been established by Sainath  Education  Institute Limited (SEIL) in Kitengela near the EPZ plaza to fill this gap.

Speaking to the media at their EPZ offices in Kitengela, Mr.Rajeev Arora  the director of EPZ mentioned that the Center bridges the skills gap and offers current, applicable, and practical training to fill this gap.That aside he also he also mentioned that issues such as capacity building for the various segments of Kenya’s apparel manufacturing industry. It also addresses the country’s societal issue of youth unemployment.

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