Reduce the number of workshops and conferences and put funds to proper use

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By  Tobby Otum        

The poverty level of fishermen is of great concern and the government has been urged to come up with ways and means to improve the industry.

The council of governors on the blue economy committee vice chair Paul Otuoma asked the government to come up with strategies and plans to improve the industry.

He urged the government to make use of existing research centres rather than wasting funds on holding workshops and conferences on research.  

“We are tired of holding workshops in luxury hotels at the expense of the industry,” he pointed out.

Otuoma called on the government to allow scientists to give extension services.

He was addressing the media during a consultative meeting between the blue economy committee and partners in the sector at Voyager Beach Resort in Nyali constituency, Mombasa county. The two-day meeting was organized through development partners.

The blue economy committee vice chair asked the government to stop the culture of holding workshops in hotels.

Otuoma, who is Busia governor, said time has come for the government to come down from its ivory tower to the real world.  

He told the media the government funds being used for workshops would have made the industry economically viable.

“The move would make the fishermen more economically empowered,” he pointed out.

The governor urged the government to ensure the industry is well-equipped for the sake of economic empowerment.         

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