Bishop Cautions Leaders Against Incitement

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Leaders from across the country have been urged to avoid inflammatory and inciteful remarks which are detriment to the well being of our country.

Kenya Assemblies of God Nyahururu District Bishop Simon Kieru has at the same time urged the opposition to consider the lawful means in seeking redress to their grievances.

“We don’t have any other country apart from Kenya. And leaders have a responsibility to set precedence and a good example. So let leaders be very mindful of what they speak or whenever they rise and take action. They should also exhaust the lawful means so as to have their issues addressed in the constitutional manner,” the Man of God observed.

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Bishop Kieru sentiments comes a day after Azimio leader through his call for mass action paralysed activities in major cities and off course crippling the economy of the day.

The deputy president Rigathi Gachagua cited that our Country lost Ksh 2 Billion yesterday alone

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